Check some of our testimonials:
  • Alde Valley Schoool in Leiston (previously known at Leiston High School) has always supported and promoted Academy for their students. Carley Hill Hair, and Adam Snare, share the same visions in wanting to provide quality Academy for quality students. They have worked closely with our students who attend the North Suffolk Skills Academy in Halesworth to study Hairdressing…., then the students were invited to spend a morning at the salon. Can you imagine - 7 students descending on the salon for a whole morning, all being given the opportunity to show their skills and learn new ones?  Since then the students have been able to apply for a Saturday job which has in turn led to offers of Academy to two of our students. We only usually see this level of  support for our students from the larger national companies so Adam's commitment to delivering quality Academy is a brave and welcomed move, one that everyone will hopefully benefit from - the students, the school and Carley Hill Hair.

    Alde Valley School
  • I met Adam in 2012, around the same time as we opened our new training school in the centre of Ipswich. It was immediately clear that both our companies shared the same training ethos.  Our unique weekly-block training programme has proved invaluable…and has seen their apprentices confidence grow, ensuring that they become an asset to their salon early in their career. Carley Hill make every effort to employ dedicated apprentices who are then rewarded with the best training, both at the Alan D School and backed-up by Adam and his team. “Adam and I share the same belief in initial training. It starts with old-fashioned disciplines; time-keeping and appearance for example and then moving onto proper practical training in the right environment. To an outsider, our schools look, feel and smell like busy salons, not sterile learning centres. I’ve been delighted to have the Carley Hill salon on-board as we can use Adam’s experience running one of the best salons in one of the best towns in Suffolk, to help us to continually improve our training.

    Alan D Hairdressing Education
  • I’ve been at Carley Hill for 3 years. I started as a Saturday girl and have recently completed NVQ2 in Hairdressing and I am now half way through NVQ3 in Advanced Hairdressing. I went to college for a whole week every 5 weeks.  During my time as an apprentice I had the opportunity to train in the salon with our top stylists. This range of training really helped broaden my experience as an apprentice and widen my opportunities as a future stylist. Carley Hill is a unique salon in many ways. The use of Aveda products and the effort that we put into each and every client is second to none in this area.  It is a privilege to work in such a fabulous salon. My experience so far has been amazing and I am proud to say that I was trained in this salon.

    Amy Dyer
  • I started at Carley Hill 5 years ago as an apprentice. I did a college course for 2 years at the JO College in Norwich alongside training in the salon, with Adam and a couple of other stylists. After I had finished my college course, I then went on to training more in the salon for another 6-9 months. I then started having a few clients each week to build my confidence, skills and timing. I am currently working my way up through the levels and enjoying every minute of working with some amazing stylists and passionate apprentices.

    Tori Greenwood
  • I started work at Carley Hill Hair when I was 15 years old. 8 years later I am as happy as I was when I chose this career. Carley Hill is an amazing place to work… is a place where we can be creative in our own hairdressing, be different – this is the best feeling when our client walks out with a smile on their face. This may be just a job, but for me it’s the best feeling ever and the most rewarding.

    Megan Driver
  • I started at Carley Hill  5 years ago when I left school, to do a hairdressing apprenticeship. I went to a college in Norwich one day a week and was trained in the salon by some very talented members of the team which helped me become the stylist I am today. I am so glad I chose to do an apprenticeship Instead of attending full time college, as you learn so much while working in a salon around great hairdressers.

    Carla Vincent
  • I started work at Carley Hill Hair as an apprentice when I was 18 years old. I had freshly qualified from college as a hairdresser which was very basic training. I wish I had got into an apprenticeship straight after school.  I retrained with great help from the other team members. I built up my experience and confidence in cutting, colouring and guest care.  I felt very lucky to be a part of this salon.  The salon, people I worked with and the clients helped me to grow as a person with the confidence I needed.  I worked my way up the stylist levels with help from courses I was sent on by the salon. I left Carley Hill Hair to travel some of this beautiful world. I’ve looked in on a lot of salons in different places and it makes me feel so proud and honoured to have worked for Adam and Carley Hill. All of the salons I have seen do not come close to what we do, the service we provide and the beauty we create.

    Emilee Reed
  • After applying at 5 different salons and not getting a reply, I then applied to Carley Hill and within half a day the salon had called and arranged a meeting. I have always wanted to be a hairdresser and Carley Hill hair is everything I imagined.  How college works…in the salon for 4 weeks then go to Alan D on the 5th week for the whole week. I find this a great routine as it gives you a chance to learn ways from different stylists.  It has been amazing, I have been very lucky to be given opportunities by Carley Hill

    Evie Tovell