Why Hairdressing

Career Security – hairdressers will always be in demand!

There is a recognised skills shortage of hairdressers, which means that you will never be out of work.

  • Once you are trained, you can work the hours you want, which means that you can work part time and around your family if you want to.
  • The whole World needs haircuts which means you can travel to the far corners of the World and still find work.
  • Hairdressing is a skill for life – which means that your work will revolve around your life, and not the other way round.
  • Own a business – with very few barriers, owning your own business – and all the benefits that come with that – is a very real possibility
  • Be creative and earn money – be recognised and valued for your creative talent

Why Us?

  • Experience
    We have trained over 21 apprentices which means that we know what we are doing and have the experience to ensure you succeed.
  • Excellence
    We are excellent at training new stylists and some of our newbies have been nominated for National Apprentice of the year.
  • Opportunities
    At Carley Hill we have over 297 client appointments each and every week, all of which give you an opportunity to learn, which means you will certainly never be bored.